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2022-03-10 08:28:36 By : Mr. Johny Zheng

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Powder & Bulk Solids Staff | Mar 09, 2022

Ross VersaMix triple shaft mixers with solids/liquid injection manifold (SLIM) technology handle challenging mixing applications requiring efficient powder dispersion and critical homogenization of medium- to high-viscosity slurries, pastes, gels, creams, and suspensions.

The VersaMix models VMC-40 pictured were designed for full vacuum operation and include a three-wing anchor agitator with Teflon blades scraping the sidewalls and bottom surfaces of the vessel, a high-shear mixer with SLIM-style rotor/stator that draws solids sub-surface for virtually instantaneous wet-out, and a high-speed disperser that continues to apply shear as the batch increases in viscosity.

Fine dispersion, deagglomeration, emulsification, temperature control, and degassing are all accomplished in the VersaMix in a highly repeatable process. The vacuum cover features an explosion-proof tank light, RTD thermoprobe, CIP spray nozzles, and a dedicated port for nitrogen purging.

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