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Diesel Cement Mixer Material Mixer with Heating System Products DescriptionThe company produced liquid homogenizer mixer is mainly applied to the liquid detergent (such as detergent,shampoo, shower gel, etc.) product configuration,  Mixer set stirring, dispersing, heating, cooling, pump the material, defoaming (op

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Diesel Cement Mixer Material Mixer with Heating System
Products Description
The company produced liquid homogenizer mixer is mainly applied to the liquid detergent (such as detergent,
shampoo, shower gel, etc.) product configuration, 
Mixer set stirring, dispersing, heating, cooling, pump the material, defoaming (optional) and other functions in
one, is the current domestic and foreign manufacturers 
Configure the ideal equipment for washing
Cosmetic/Cream/Vacuum/Emulsifying/Mixer/Making/Homogenizing/Emulsification MachineCosmetic/Cream/Vacuum/Emulsifying/Mixer/Making/Homogenizing/Emulsification Machine
Principle Features
(1)A full range of scraping wall stirring frequency converter speed, according to customer requirements of different production of high-quality products; 
(2)A variety of high-speed homogenizer, strong mixing of solid and liquid in the lotion production can quickly dissolve AES, AESA, LSA, Such as insoluble materials, saving energy consumption, greatly reducing the production cycle; 
(3)The pot body is made of three layers of stainless steel imported welding composition, the tank body and its passage are mirror polished, fully in line with GMP requirements; 
(4)According to process requirements, the tank can be heated and cooled materials, heating methods are mainly steam and electric heating two;Discharge convenient, can be directly discharged, but also configure the pump discharge

Technical parameter
Heating mode
  Mixing power
mixing speed
Homogenizer speed
SLM-2002000.750-652.2-43000Steam or electric heating
SLM-3003000.750-652.2-43000Steam or electric heating
SLM-5005002.20-655.5-7.53000Steam or electric heating
SLM-1000100040-657.5-113000Steam or electric heating
SLM-200020005.50-5311-153000Steam or electric heating
SLM-300030007.50-53183000Steam or electric heating
SLM-50005000110-42223000Steam or electric heating
Application field
Cosmetic/Cream/Vacuum/Emulsifying/Mixer/Making/Homogenizing/Emulsification MachineWarmly welcome to vist our company and machines .
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Cosmetic/Cream/Vacuum/Emulsifying/Mixer/Making/Homogenizing/Emulsification Machine

Our Service
Pre-sales service:
1> Engineering design
2> Equipment model selection guide
3> equipment machinig

After-sales service:
1> one year from date of delivery, if any spare parts be broken within warranty and not caused by improperly operation, we would offer the new parts for free.
2> Provide professional after-sales service engineers to  abroad  installation and debugging.

Company Information
We are a professional manufacturer of  cosmetic,chemical& pharmaceutical machinery and equipment more than 20 years .Product lines range from:
1> Cosmetic Machinery: water treatment ,vacuum emulsifying machine,liquid detergent mixing machine,storage tank,solid soap making machine,perfume making machine, filling machine etc.
2> Chemical Machinery:  reactor, mixing equipment,separation equipment, storage tank etc.
3> Pharmaceutical  Machinery: vacuum ointment machine,sanitary stainless reaction pot,alcohol deposition can, collocation tank etc.

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Cosmetic/Cream/Vacuum/Emulsifying/Mixer/Making/Homogenizing/Emulsification Machine

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