1000L Stainless Steel Steam Heated High Shear Emulsification Tank

1000L ss electric heating high shear emulsification tank/emulsifying tank1. Made of stainless steel 304/3162. Used to mixing liquid product3. Mixing speed can be customized How to select the suitable emulsifying tank:Emulsifying tank Capacity: 100-1000L customizedSuitable Temperature: 0-180 celsium degree or higher upo

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1000L ss electric heating high shear emulsification tank/emulsifying tank
1. Made of stainless steel 304/316
2. Used to mixing liquid product
3. Mixing speed can be customized 

How to select the suitable emulsifying tank:
Emulsifying tank Capacity: 100-1000L customized
Suitable Temperature: 0-180 celsium degree or higher upon requirement
Power supply: 380V/50Hz/3Phase or customized
Construction Material: 304/316L optional
Structure: 3 layers(inner layer, jacket, insulation layer)
Surface: Inner/outer polished
Application: Can be used to mix and melt all kinds of materials in industries like pharmacy, cosmetics, chemicals, resins, paintings, confectionary, pigments and etc..

Emulsifying tank application:
Emulsifying tanks is an ideal one for mixing and emulsifying process applied by the trades of medicine, chemical and foodstuff. 

Stainless steel variety of types:
Stainless steel emulsifying and mixing tank series
Stainless steel storage tank series
Homgenizer and vacuum mixing tank
Homogenizing and emulsifying machinery
Herbal Extraction and concentration/evaporation machinery

Emulsification tank pictures:

1000L Stainless Steel Steam Heating High Shear Emulsification Tank
Emulsion motor:

1000L Stainless Steel Steam Heating High Shear Emulsification Tank
Exhaust valve:

1000L Stainless Steel Steam Heating High Shear Emulsification Tank

Emulsifying tank functional description:
1. Triplicate mixer in main kettle make structure concisely and economize seal step and installation space. All components made strictly according to excellent craft. 
2. Since mechanical seal kept clean and lubricated enough, the main kettle seal is also steady and safe even under high temperature and speed conditions. 
3. Mix speed: 0~100rpm, inverter various speed adjustment; Timing adjustment of mixing. 
4. Mix model could be assembled optimized according to specific material. 
5. Inlet material with vacuum valve is proper for powder material craft and resolve problems of powder flying and unbalanced blending thoroughly. 
6. Running in condition of super vacuum, the whole process achieves special pharmaceutic requirement of sanitation and asepsis. 
7. Main kettle assembles CIP cleanness system. Part of touch with material is made of SS304 or SUS316L material imported, also managed with mirror polishing and roughness achieving to sanitary degree of 300EMSH. 
8. The whole equipment made by according to GMP requirements. 

We are manufacture of stainless steel 
emulsifying tank steam heating or electric heating. 
If you are in need of any tanks, please let me know your detail request, so that we can customized the tank for you. 

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The below is 
Emulsifying tank specifications:
ModelDiameter (L)External diameter (mm)Height (mm)Motor Power (kw)Motor Speed (r/min)

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